Solar Bancorp Group of Companies

Cleantech Alternative Energy – The Growth Industry

Solar Bancorp Group of Companies (SBI) is a global cleantech alternative energy company. Through its subsidiaries known as the Solar Bancorp Group of Companies, SBI provides alternative energy and cleantech startups with financial, sales and marketing, and senior managerial partnership. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Solar Bancorp Research Group, SBC licenses new innovations in solar energy and solar energy storage.

Solar Bancorp is a merchant bank, specializing in funding, M & A, acquisition, and consulting to the renewable energy industries – specifically the solar energy industry. Its first investment has been the CleanClimate Group.

Sources of Revenues:

  1. Solar Bancorp Group of Companies: Directly targeted to increased clean-energy generation capacity for each environment. It is a value-added proposition that targets important variables such as energy self-sufficiency, a reduction in CO2 emissions, wealth creation and employment and improving our national trade balance by reducing fossil fuel imports.
  2. Solar Bancorp Research: IP licensing fees for Solar Bancorp

Solar Bancorp Group of Companies Officers & Directors:

Ross J. Beatty BA, President, CEO
Todd Gaudin CA, Outside Director

Accelerating Energy Innovation – The Solar Bancorp Focus

The right strategic partner can transform a great idea into an industry leader, a real barnburner. Does your company need a strategic partner or financial assistance to take your great idea to the finish line? We partner with the best and brightest alternative energy entrepreneurs to build world-class organizations. This winning strategy will create the leaders in the clean alternative energy industries for generations. With many years of experience in each of our investment focuses, we bring deep knowledge of these markets and the challenges and opportunities they present.

Perfect Storm: Several converging catalysts taken together create a perfect storm scenario for clean technology and alternative energy investing. Historic, record breaking lofty commodity prices are not the sole driver, but they certainly help as high-energy costs make alternative energy sources that much more appealing. Peak oil scenarios are now household topics for morning coffee conversation. How long will it take to get to $100.00 per barrel oil for the second time? Most credible researchers believe that this line will be crossed in second half of 2010. In addition, talent and technology have improved in recent years. There's a convergence of technology, entrepreneurship and demand driving investment into the clean energy space. As this new industry matures, clean technology investments will draw closer to their exit plans, which has always been the ultimate goal for investors.

What is Solar Bancorp Group of Companies looking for? We are eager to develop or acquire innovations that can enhance the performance of our existing businesses or help create profitable new businesses.

The opportunities we invest in are diverse, yet all fall in or close to the clean energy industries:




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